Unconscious Bias

Defining unconscious bias

“Attitudinal biases about gender, age, race, etc, that we are unaware we have and are unaware we act upon.” Nareen Young, CEO of the Diversity Council of Australia

Unconscious bias seminars and workshops

Helen Jamieson is an experienced speaker on diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. Passionate and enthusiastic, she really brings what can be a challenging topic to life!

“I attended a diversity and inclusion seminar at which Helen did the keynote speech. I found her an engaging speaker, thought provoking and also challenging. I found the part of her speech about unconscious bias fascinating and feel there is so much for all of us to learn about this. I really enjoyed the fact that Helen’s style was not overly formal and many of the stories she related clearly resonated with the audience.” Sergey Dvornikov, Citibank

To book her as a speaker for your event, please contact us or call on 020 3005 2780.

Unconscious bias infographic

And finally, some thought-provoking statistics and facts from our friends at www.jaluch.co.uk.