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‘Me’ time

02 October


A universal complaint amongst women who run their own businesses is that they get very little ‘me’ time. Time to ourselves, to relax and unwind is really important, but often sadly lacking.

I find it unusual if I get to switch off. From the moment I wake to the moment I fall asleep my brain is whirring. Often it’s whirring on work issues but in the few moments it’s not, it’s whirring on what shopping is needed for the house, buying a battery for the smoke alarm, what the children are doing, what I’m going to cook for dinner and how I can sort my social life. Non-stop whirring that results in the day job being done, but also the house being sorted and the children organised.

You can only whirr for so long though, before you need to find some ‘me’ time.

Recently I saw a post on LinkedIn that said ‘me’ time was achieved by being really ruthless and only attending those outside hours networking events that are absolutely critical to the day job. This means refusing many of the ‘social’ invites including networking events, business dinners and corporate entertaining functions.

I empathise with the woman who posted this,  how else do you not become overloaded given the huge workload of combining home and family? There is a massive downside though, taking this ruthless approach inevitably results in you not having relationship building opportunities – afforded to those who can attend. This in turn will then limit your network resulting in fewer business and career opportunities.

So can you afford to be ruthless by rejecting most out of hours events in order to create ‘me’ time? Equally can you afford not to be ruthless as a lack of ‘me’ time so often results in burn out?

Your thoughts?

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