Female Entrepreneurship Workshops

Entrepreneurship workshops Innovative and engaging
• Practical and pragmatic

Workshop delegates will benefit from our blended learning approach, incorporating face to face sessions with elements of eLearning, work based experience, mentoring, individual coaching, and networking.

All workshops are participative and encourage plenty of discussion between delegates. After all, delegates can learn as much from each other as they can from the trainer.

None of us work in an ideal world. Every one of us has to work within the constraints of the society and culture we live in, therefore workshops focus on practical ideas rather than the theory of how to do business in a perfect world.

Workshop overviews

Our 3 day programme has been carefully designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to successfully set up and grow your own business.

Female entrepreneurs around the world are increasingly helping to promote trade and create jobs within their own countries. In many countries female entrepreneurship is now considered key to successful economic and social development.

Whilst making great entrepreneurs, research has shown that women can be held back in business by their own concerns about whether they have the skills and knowledge to be a successful businesswoman. This programme is designed to develop those skills and knowledge.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Why female entrepreneurship is important
  • Strategic thinking and creating a business plan
  • Choosing and managing a business coach
  • Continuous innovation for successful business
  • Professional leadership in business
  • Understanding your own strengths, communication and management style
  • The importance of developing a personal network
  • The challenge of growing your business and developing your skills
  • Focus on marketing and brand development
  • Focus on procurement and managing your suppliers

Our 1 day programme is designed for those who would like to take time to think about and plan their business venture.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Your strengths and abilities
  • What will you sell and what does your market look like?
  • Choosing a name and creating a brand
  • Developing your start up plan

After your workshop

Following our workshops your support and learning continues with:

  • A variety of eLearning modules
  • One to one coaching for ongoing support
  • Networking opportunities accessed via our website

Certificates are awarded to all those who successfully complete a Female Entrepreneurship Programme.

All of our workshops are run in partnership with entrepreneurs and organisations. If you would like us to develop and run a workshop with you, please call us on +44 (0)20 3005 2780 or get in touch.