Public Speaking

My Business, My Success author Helen JamHelen presenting at Everywomanieson is a regular presenter at conferences and seminars, and is a confident and engaging speaker. She always brings her topics to life with plenty of real-world examples, plain-speaking and just an injection of humour.

Some of Helen’s specialist areas:

“Helen was a guest speaker at a recent meeting of Hampshire IoD Womens’ Network, where she presented on the topic of unconscious bias and diversity. Engaging and personable as a presenter, she also has an in-depth knowledge of her subject that makes her insights are very valuable. She also delivers with humour and grace, which never go amiss – especially when dealing with such a tricky topic. Excellent.” Nicola Proudlock, Solicitor and Director at New Leaf Law Ltd

“I attended a diversity and inclusion seminar at which Helen did the keynote speech. I found her an engaging speaker, thought provoking and also challenging. I found the part of her speech about unconscious bias fascinating and feel there is so much for all of us to learn about this. I really enjoyed the fact that Helen’s style was not overly formal and many of the stories she related clearly resonated with the audience.” Sergey Dvorniko at Citibank

Helen has presented to a whole variety of audiences and always modifies her delivery accordingly. Some examples include:

  • The Everywoman Conference
  • IoD meetings
  • Schools and universities
  • Directors of global corporates
  • Female business owners in Saudi Arabia

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