Profiling and assessment

Success Insights DISC ProfileProfiling for you

As a current or future business leader, understanding your own strengths and weaknesses is vital for business success. If you have ever wondered why you just cannot work with a certain person, why you are brilliant at vision but hopeless with the detail, profiling might just provide you with some answers! Click on the image to see a sample personality profile.

Profiling for your people

Profiling and assessment can also be used with great effect before, during and after employment. From recruitment, to managing staff and developing effective teams, profiles can help unlock hidden potential and identify possible barriers to an individual or team’s success.

Profiling options

Personality profiling

Personality can play a very important part in the way a person performs in a job, and psychometric profiling gives great insight into an individual’s style of behaviour at work and how they communicate with and interact with others. We offer you two of the best DISC psychometric profile tools on the market: Success Insights and Thomas PPA.

Intelligence testing

For a better understanding of an individual’s aptitudes look no further than the General Intelligence Assessment (Thomas GIA). This assessment looks at key strengths and abilities that may be important in the workplace, such as reasoning, numeracy and perceptual speed.

Emotional intelligence assessment

In many roles staff are required to work within a team and communicate with customers. Having high levels of emotional intelligence has been shown to enhance team working and communication skills. This assessment looks at 15 strengths including: self esteem, optimism, self motivation, emotion perception, emotion regulation, impulse control, assertiveness and social awareness.

360 degree review

Taking feedback from key colleagues, reports and managers is a powerful way of spotting performance gaps for both you and your senior team. Thomas 360 creates an environment for constructive and honest feedback, enabling your people to understand their personal impact, identify development areas and improve their effectiveness.

Getting started

Each profile or assessment can be taken online and completed in minutes. You then either receive the result directly to your inbox, or we can spend time with you talking it through. Comprehensive reports are provided for all assessments.

Most assessments are available in numerous languages. Please ask for details.

If you would like to purchase any profiles or assessments please get in touch for a quote.