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By Helen Jamieson

Chasing the sale

20 November


If you have started to have doubts about whether someone is ever going to buy from you after two or three phone calls that have gone unanswered, stay positive!

Sales are the lifeblood of any business but too few of us are brilliant sales people. For most of us it’s a skill we have to learn along the way. But how much time have you actually spent though formally learning how to be a better sales person? Very few of us spend money on learning how to sell. It doesn’t matter whether we are selling on line, through a shop or even business to business, we could all do with learning more sales techniques and developing sales confidence.

But there is hope! Last week this is what one of my team spotted on LinkedIn – posted by one of their contacts (see main image).

What do you think? Any learning in this for you? There certainly was for my team!

It would be unrealistic to say these figures apply to every business model because trends vary between industries, but the moral of the story is: persistence and stubbornness will pay off! The experts say you’ll see dramatic improvement in your sales closing cycle if you consistently follow this model.

If you are looking for some fantastic support to develop sales confidence and ramp up your sales by 15% – 25%  in your business, there’s a great sales training business I know run by a lovely lady called Lorna Leck. Email me for her contact details.

I hope you have a great few weeks for sales.

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