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By Helen Jamieson

Have business pressures ever brought you to the point of explosion?

09 January

I don’t know about you but I love some of the clever stuff on YouTube. About six months ago I saw a clip about a watermelon. Its by the Slo Mo guys who make loads of slow motion movie clips. They are brilliant fun. The clip is embedded below.

In the clip two lads do an experiment to see how many elastic bands can be put around the middle of a watermelon before it explodes. The explosion is then filmed in slow motion for great visual effect.

You might wonder what watermelons and elastic bands have to do with entrepreneurship. Quite a lot in fact as so many entrepreneurs put themselves under immense pressure as a result of continually taking on more tasks, doing more networking, stretching themselves even further etc. But pressure can only be maintained for so long. The watermelon is testament to that!

So having enjoyed watching the watermelon explode, what I would like you to do now is assess how many elastic bands are around your middle? How much pressure are you bearing as you head into 2014? Too little to really get you going, enough to make you productive or too much bringing you to breaking point?

If the latter is the case, how about you look at all the little jobs you do, be honest with yourself, if these little jobs don’t bring you in nether revenue, sales leads nor satisfaction drop a few of them off your list to ease the pressure. Please don’t become the first exploding watermelon of 2014.

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