5 Common Start-up Mistakes to Avoid

24 November
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It’s great to be a start-up business. Exciting times and plenty of adventures ahead. Those of us running established businesses have almost all been in start-up mode at some point and are well aware of easy start-up mistakes. However, in my experience, many established businesses hesitate at times to do business with start-ups, unless of […]

A toe in the water… Can you really afford to hold your business back any longer?

30 September

I often speak to groups of business women or students at university about entrepreneurship and having your own business. In every group there are those who are only ‘half heartedly’ in business. They are the ones who say ‘I’ll see how it goes, before thinking about taking it seriously’, or ‘I’m not sure what I’m […]

Burnt Out but Not Giving Up …

01 July

Did you know that 80% of our ‘head talk’ is negative? Wow! What a way to conduct our lives. Perhaps all training for women in careers should focus around strategies to stop the endless negative chatter in our heads. But I digress … Having less to do My thoughts around jealousy come from those days […]

A Lasting Legacy

02 June

When delivering training on leadership skills, I often start by the asking the delegates what legacy they want to leave by the end of their careers. I ask them to imagine they get a plaque on the wall when they leave the business and to tell me what they would like that plaque to say […]

Diversity Needs More Men!

30 April

I’m 48 years old and I have been running a business for 17 years. (Sounds like a therapy session doesn’t it?!)  During my 17 years of owning and running a business, I have seen significant changes in the protection for women and others in the workplace. My business provides an HR and training service, so […]